Hand-crafters of Furniture & Accessories for Dollhouse-Miniature Collectors

Pam and Pete make over a hundred wooden furniture items and accessories for the 1/12 scale collectors. Many of these items are shown in the following catalog.


Shaker Sideboard        $150.00.

Shaker Ladderback Chair, 4 Slats, Rope Seat -$38.00

Laddeback Chair - Tape Seat - $95.00


Rocking chair Shaker

Shaker Rocking Chair.  $48.00

rocking chair arms

Rocking Chair with Arms $45.00 

..Candle Stand $30


. Wash Stand $50         

 Kentucky Table  $90.00.


Sewing Desk $105


Slant Front Desk $85


Open…      .........Lap Desk $45…….     ......Closed

Trestle Table $85



Stock Picture Frames  .•$4.00 Small     $4.50 Large    $.50 Mat

 $.50 Painted.............Painted Frames with Mats, $5.50.

Custom Frames quoted upon request, starting at $9.00

Bookcase ....$15.00.

Assorted Boxes....$8.00 to $25.00 

Many boxes have finger joints that look like dovetails at this scale. Most of the wood we use is cherry, but many of the boxes are made from beautiful exotic wood. Rosewood, redheart, purple heart, lacewood, curly maple, birdseye maple and many others are featured.

Child's Table  $15.00........Childs Chair $20.00

Green and Yellow also available.  

 Inlaid Chess Board  $15.00       Inlaid chess table $75.00

Our inlaid furniture is made with a patchwork pattern of thin wood veneer about 1/32 inch thick. We use ebony or rosewood and holly for the dark and white patterns. Each piece of the pattern is very accurately cut using a table saw.

Foot Warmer $40.00


Spinning Wheel  $150.00 

.High Post Bed.   $60.00     Quilt   $25.00

.Bonnet Chest $110.00


Sheraton Desk $175.00 (closed)


Sheraton Desk $175.00 (opened)

Tavern Table   $45.00

 Shaker Peg Rack       6 peg...$23.00        8 peg $28.00              4 peg..$18.00       and            3 Peg..$15.00

rocking chair arms

Rocking Chair with Arms  $45.00

Rocking chair Shaker

Shaker Rocking Chair - $38.00


.Side Table $35

Small Shelves $8

The  furniture and accessories we make are scaled down from measured drawings of actual full scale pieces found in books and museums. For authenticity, and to keep the fine grain appearance, we use mostly American Cherry wood.

Purchasing full scale lumber and reducing it to scale in our shop ensures the quality of material that is needed in miniature work.Each piece is finished with professional water stains, sprayed with at least two coats of lacquer and hand rubbed to give an authentic fine furniture appearance.

For more information and pricing, phone or e-mail us



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