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The MicroLathe II is a machine that will turn all materials including wood, metal and plastic. It is easily fitted with a duplicator. The MicroLathe II has a machined, ground and stabilized steel bed. It has two sealed ball bearings in its spindle, with a variable speed, direct current motor that turns the machine at any speed from under 200 to over 8000 rpm. This very versatile machine is a favorite with miniature makers because it is both extremely accurate and quickly convertible from cross slide to tool rest work. The cross slide and tailstock are easily removed for comfortable toolrest turning with conventional tools or gravers. 

  • The lathe has 0.001 inch graduations on the cross slide dial for accuracy, and a uniques T-bolt system throughout which makes adding stops and fixtures convenient and simple.


  • BEDFORD NH O3110

The MicroLathe II is a machine you don't have to baby. It is a rugged and precision machine with the capabilities to ''hog" 1/8 inch cuts in mild steel yet 'dust' a few tenths, make the MicroLathe II a very versatile lathe. With adjustable brass gibs providing full compensation for carriage and cross slide wear, it all adds up to the BEST VALUE in small lathes!

Taig motor set up 1

Taig Micro Lathe II with PSI variable speed DC motor and Anker type duplicator.  The carriage has been removed to mount the duplicator.



In addition to the traditional operation of the lathe the Taig Micro Lathe II can be adapted to use the WW style collets preferred by the finest miniaturists as well as watchmakers.

A vise and milling head is available for slotting and mortising operations. The drilling tailstiock can be used with either a Jacobs drilling chuck or a live center for turning between centers and duplicating. Face plates are available for bowl and vessel turning.



You can make extremely accurate parts using the cross slide and compound slide. Long pieces are supported by the tail stock center. Stock is held in the headstock with either a scroll chuck or WW collets. Three and four jaw self-centering scroll chucks are made by Sherline and are supplied with an adapter to fit the Taig. Smaller Than Life manufactures a custom draw bar and holder to fit the exceptional Sherline WW Collets that are available in either fractional English or Metric sizes.

A high quality drill chuck screws directly on the tailstock. The unique lever acting tailstock is both quick to use and sensitive enough to reduce drill breakage.

A compound slide is available to cut tapers and screws to the cross slide. A milling accessory and vise can be attached to the cross slide for cutting grooves, slots and other small surfaces. It is especially useful for mortising wood.



The carriage can be removed easily. Just disengage the carriage hand wheel and slide it off to the right. The drilling tailstock is removed similarly. This makes change over from carriage to tool rest turning convenient and rapid.



There is no carriage to get in the way of your fingers when using gravers or turning tools. It is possible to hold the graver very close to the collet for extremely small work.




To turn bowls and vessels many prefer to use a faceplate that can be fitted with a spigot to which the bowl blank can be glued. The wood tool rest is used with turning tools. There is plenty of room with the carriage removed to turn any size miniature vessel. Speed is changed by moving the belt from pulley set to pulley set.




To make legs and other long spindles it is best to support the blank with the point center in the tailstock. It is also possible to replace the tailstock shaft with a live center so that the point or cup center rotates with the stock. This prevents burning. To turn spindles that are round or square use the self-centering 4-jaw chuck. The stock must be round to use the 4-jaw chuck and if it is a little egg-shaped use the self-centering 3 jaw chuck. When the diameters of round material are at an even dimension, the WW collets are a very accurate and convenient holder.



You can make any number of identical legs or other turnings using the optional duplicator.

Smaller Than Life has developed a method of quickly and accurately attaching a duplicator to the Taig Micro Lathe II with only two wing nuts. Once set up the duplicator can be removed and easily indexed to the proper position every time. An optional fine feed adjustment, a stop collar and a cup center that fits on the Taig live center make the duplicator more versatile.


* Overall working accuracy 0.0005 in.

* Max headstock normality to bed 0.0004 in.

* Max taper bed dovetails over pins 0.0001 in.

* Cross slide screw 1/4 - 20

* Max spindle speed recommended 7000 RPM

* Length of headstock on ways 2.625 in.

* Width of cross slide on carriage 2.000 in.

* Maximum bearing runout 0.0004 in.

* Max  cross slide normality to bed 0.0004 in.

* Cross slide dial graduation 0.001 in.

* Carriage travel 0.600 in. per 1 rev. of handwheel.

* Pulley type std. 5/8 in. bore multi-stop vee belt.

* Length of carriage on ways 3.000 in.

* Bed dovetails 45 deg.



* Max. turning dia. 4.5 in. (extendable to 6.5 in.)

* Swing over cross slide 2.375 in.

* Overall length of bed 15.5 in.

* Overall length of lathe 16.5 in.

* Tool bit size standard 1/4 in.

* Drill chuck capacity 1/4 in.

* Distance between centers 9.75 in. (with tailstock).

* Carriage travel 9.0 in.

* Cross slide travel 1.75 in.



* Sealed precision ball bearing

* Bearing OD 1.5748 in., ID 0.6692 in.

* Spindle nose 3/4 in. - 16 

* Spindle hole 0.343 in.

* Spindle ID taper 15 deg (30 deg included)

* Max. collet diameter 9/32 in.

* Pulley - 5/8" inch bore.




Basic Metal Lathe Package: Includes lathe, pulleys, variable speed DC motor, mounting board, 6 piece tool bit set, Drilling tail stock, 1/4" Jacobs drill chuck, wood/graver tool rest, 1-1/2" tool rest, spare belt, 1" spindle wrench, 4-jaw self-centering Sherline chuck with special bushing, Set of 7 Gravers, Sherline 5 piece collet set, Blank arbor modified for collets, mounting, set up, The Taig Lathe book & freight from Taig. Packing and freight from Smaller Than Life to you will be quoted at the time of the order. 

Metal package extras: includes the 17 piece collet set instead of the 5 piece set, Compound top slide for cutting tapers and angles, Milling attachment, milling vise. 


Basic Wood Package: includes lathe, pulleysvariable speed DC motor, mounting board, 6 piece tool bit set, Drilling tail stock, 1/4" Jacobs drill chuck, wood chuck arbor, wood/graver tool rest, 1-1/2" tool rest, spare belt, 1" spindle wrench, live center, cup center, faceplate, 4-jaw self-centering Sherline chuck with special bushing, mounting, set up, Set of 7 gravers & freight from Taig. . Packing and freight from Smaller Than Life to you will be quoted at the time of the order.  $930.55


Duplicator for Wood Lathe: includes duplicator , adjustable follower, leg template kit, 1/2" stop collar, freight from manufacturer. $194.00 additional


Complete package (Without Metal Extras): $1312.95

Complete package (Includes Metal Extras): $1658.25


All items prices are available on a separate price list. Orders will be quoted in detail upon request. Check with us for delivery information. If an order cannot be delivered or picked up there will be an additional delivery charge quoted prior to shipment.

Allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery.

Guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 3 years

Price does not include shipping from us. If the order cannot be delivered or picked up there is an additional charge for packing and shipping.


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