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Here are some recent pieces we have made and added to Smaller Than Life

Gluing Jigs 

This is our most popular product and with the recent popularity of hand crafting miniatures this can help assembly a great deal.

Glue jigs

glue jigs priced

6" x 9” $35.00     3” x 5” $25.00   2” x 3”  $20.00 

Bonnet Chest

For the elaborate hats in the days before closets this simple American bonnet chest was common in many homes.   Pam made it from our own cherry lumber  and finished it in either Early American or a darker walnut stain with a satin lacquer top coat.  

 $95.00 (Ordering and shipping details are at the how to order tab)

Campfire Popcorn Popper

popper web

Made of metal with a turned wood handle,  The cover slides open and closed.  $40.00

buttern churn

Butter Churn  $22.00


This web site contains the products that we make and sell to the dollhouse miniature community.  The furniture is the core of the business and the tools and machines are used to make furniture and in some cases other accessory items.  Chairs are a very popular category that we manufacture and teach.


These. chairs were a class project in California in 2015.


A new woodworking bench complements the miniature tools.

To make the chairs, we need to cut the wood to size and we do this with a Proxxon FET tilting arbor table saw.

There is a whole page dedicated to the saw and the accessories we make and sell for it.  In addition we sell lathes with duplicator attachments, mills that double as overhead shapers, sanders and even blades and belts for the Preac table saw that is not longer being made.

Saw blades and belts are listed at Miniature Machines/Preac Blades

Sometimes it is difficult for miniaturists to find the tools they need to do fine work.  We have a large amount of hand tools we sell and some we make, like the gluing jigs that are used for keeping projects square during assembly.

It is helpful for the miniaturist to learn the unique skills and methods we use to make our products.  We teach classes at major shows like Chicago International and The Guild Show,  the NAME National Conventions and at the IGMA Guild School held for six days in Maine each June.

The pages in this site will give you much more information on the products and classes  offered by Smaller Than Life.

It surly has not escaped your notice that inflation has caused and continues to cause fluctuations in prices across the world.  We try to keep up to date with our suppliers, but please understand that we are surprised on a daily basis and  some of the prices in this web site may need to be changed in a quotation.


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